Day 6 – Eye Protection

Protecting My Eye from the World

Not being able to blink or shut your eye through the power of thought only becomes REALLY important to you when you can’t do it. Over the last few days by right eye had been getting more and more sore so I needed to ensure that I correct this. The first thing is sleeping as I don’t know whether any doctors who suggest taping an eye-lid down have ever tried it but I couldn’t seem to get it to work.

Eye Taping for Sleeping with Bell’s Palsy

I tried a number of options:

  1. Horizontal line down
  2. Diagonally across from centre of forehead outwards
  3. Two pieces crossing at the eye-lid

The problem I found with 1. was that I can still open my eye a little before the tape stops it; this then results in my eyeball sticking to the surgical tape. Neither effective to keep the eye completely closed, or comfortable to say the least.

The diagonal option, 2, doesn’t get the tape in the eye but it has even less effect at keeping the eye shut as the tape isn’t working directly against the direction of travel of the eye lid.

Option 3 is brutal in terms of how much tape you end up getting on your face. It does work if you are careful at sticking it down, but I have found that if my face sweats or I don’t get that bottom edge really well stuck down I get the eye opening slightly and then it can’t / won’t shut properly. My solution is going to be to invent something better than taping it down! I am also going to get a single eye patch from the chemists to protect the eye when I am out and about and I don’t want to have to walk around with my fingers holding my eye closed!

Day 6 – Facial Paralysis Progress – None

Here are today;s pictures of progress or should I say complete absense of progress. No change as far as I can see visually although my wife said that I was speaking better but that might be that I am getting used to speaking with the facial paralysis.

Day 6 Bells Palsy Progress Neutral Face
Day 6 Bells Palsy Pictures Neutral Face
Day 6 Bells Palsy Pictures Smiling Face
Day 6 Bells Palsy Pictures, Smiling Face
Day 6 Bells Palsy - Eyes Shut Face
Day 6 Bells Palsy Pictures Eyes Shut Face
Day 6 Bells Palsy Pictures Trying to blow a kiss
Day 6 Bells Palsy Progress – Trying to blow a kiss
Day 6 Bells Palsy Pictures Frowning Face
My Bells Palsy Pictures – Frowning


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