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On New Year’s Day 2013 I was diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy following my admission to Accident & Emergency department with a suspected stroke. Although the care I received during my 3+ days in hospital was excellent, the information I was given during my stay and on discharge was patchy at best. I wanted to provide a real time record of my progress to hopefully a complete recovery that could be useful for other sufferers and friends & family of sufferers to help them understand and deal with the condition. I found out that my great neice had also suffered from Bell’s Palsy a number of months ago and with the kind permission of her month and grandmother they have provided further photos and information on Bell’s Palsy in children.

A Bell’s Palsy Timeline

I hope that you find the website useful and it is a work in progress – I am putting the blog live on day 5 of my experience – but I am going to back date posts from my time in hospital when starting a blog wasn’t the first thing on my mind! I intend to post photos of my condition and how it changes – hopefully for the better – over the coming days, weeks and months. Please do comment if you can contribute to the information and discussion.

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  1. Hi Tim,
    I think this is an excellent idea that you have in sharing your experience and progress. People who are going through an illness need non family members to talk to because they are more apt to “tell it like it is” and not sugar coat anything.
    As I am a non family member, I think you were great, spoke clearly, coherantly and this blog will help a lot of people.
    Good luck, continued improvement and I’ll be following your blog and progress.

  2. Apologies for taking so long to pop over here but really appreciate you leaving your details on our site as it will be of great help to our readers. Really feel for you and other’s who go through this as I had Bell’s Palsy a while back. Love what you are doing here – you’re awesome 🙂

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