Day 4 Progress – First Day at Home

Waking up Back at Home

Waking up after a good night’s sleep in my own bed was great. It also meant that the reality of the situation was sinking in. The last few days had been all about getting confirmation of the diagnosis, understanding what I needed to do and getting out of the hospital. That was something quick but now I was facing the longer task of getting my face working properly again.

The day however was focused on eye health as the opthmologist had said that drops needed to be put in every hour. I tried to do this on the hour and then on the half hour have a few minutes with my eyes completely shut and still. On the whole it worked but that was also helped by the fact that I spent most of the day in bed, or in a generally horizontal position on the sofa. Resting your eyes is easier when you are resting the rest of you!

There was probably a degree of avoiding thinking about the larger face rehabilitation issue, but I felt that I needed to be very rested to ensure that I clear the ‘mystery virus’ from my system completely. I did a few face pulls in the mirror in an attempt to get things moving on the paralysed side, but no structured exercises.

Bell’s Palsy Pictures – My Progress

What I did achieve was getting the first set of pictures trying to do certain facial expressions with my Bell’s Palsy symptoms. My initial idea was to have a record for myself so that I can easily chart progress and then the idea of actually blogging about the progress and posting the pictures online developed from it. I would like to say that these are pictures of me and I am not just a patient, I have a whole life and therefore I do not want people to reproduce any pictures on this site without my express written permission in advance. I certainly do not want to be on other Bell’s Palsy websites or medical websites and see a picture of myself staring back. They are for reference on THIS SITE ONLY! I am sure you understand. So without further delay here is my first full set of my pictures of Bells Palsy affecting the right side of my face

Day 4 – The starting point of what my face now looks like with Bell’s Palsy

Day four progress - neutral expression
Neutral expression on Day 4 – Bells Palsy shows least when you don’t try and do anything with your face.
Picture Bells Palsy smile day 4
It would be great to get my smile back soon. This is how bad it looks on day 4
Day 4 - trying to shut both eyes with Bells Palsy
Day 4 – trying to shut both eyes
Trying to blow a kiss on day 4 with Bells Palsy
Trying to blow a kiss on Day 4
Trying to frown with Bells Palsy - Day 4
Day 4 – Trying to frown, not very well

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