Day 20 – going to facial palsy support group

Day 20 – Little Change so Find More Information

There has been little change over the last week now. Yes the eye has improved but there is a lot more going on with a face than just shutting your eye. So I thought on my quest to get more information and knowledge I would go along to a facial palsy support group meeting. Unfortunately it turns out that my local group only meets one every three months.

I should be grateful that there is a local support group but at the same time I thought to myself ‘I hope that by the time mid March comes along I won’t need to go.’ However, this is a facial palsy support group – NOT a Bell’s Palsy support group and by reading the information on their website ( I am thinking there could be people there with a wide variety of causes to their facial paralysis. This is also interesting mentally because I am staying very positive based on the assumption that my facial paralysis is only temporary. Different causes are likely to have different degrees of permanence I would think and therefore the mental issue around it is going to be very different.

Regardless I have signed up to go along Mid March and I am looking forward to it. Usually you get to meet a lot of very interesting and usually very kind people so I think it will be well worth a few hours of my time. Most of all I am hoping that I am going to learn a lot from it. I will keep you posted!

Day 20 Progress Update Pictures

One thing did strike me is that either I am getting ‘better’ at controlling the pull from my good side, or else I might be showing a little improvement around the mouth in the ‘blow kiss’ picture. I will be keeping a closer eye on this ‘face’ in the next few days!

Bells Palsy eyes shut day 20 Bells Palsy frowning day 20Bells Palsy kiss day 20Bells Palsy neutral day 20Bells Palsy smiling day 20

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  1. I’m so pleased you are going to “keep an eye on it” (your kissing mouth) and I hope it is the right eye! I hope you carry on exercising as promised on your 1st day.

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