Day 14 – A bit more progress?

More progress on shutting my eye

It seems that I have made a little more progress on being able to close my right eye over the last couple of days. Although it is still far from shutting completely it is definitely moving in the right direction so to speak. I think the best way to show it will be with a short video, but because of pressure of work today that is going to have to come tomorrow. Instead here are today’s progress photos.

Bell’s Palsy Progress Photos Day 14

I think that you can see on the Eye Shut and the Frown faces that there is a very small degree of movement now coming in. Its a long way to go but I am pleased that it is going in the right direction. Also today I have felt some tingling in the right side of my face, especially on the right side of my nose and the right side of my forehead. This makes me think it is a positive development, so fingers crossed.

Day-14-picture-blow-kiss Day-14-picture-eye-shut Day-14-picture-frown Day-14-picture-neutral Day-14-picture-smile

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