Day 10 – Getting on With It

Getting on with it!

So today has seen no improvement in the situation. At least I got a decent night’s sleep, although I think the steriods woke me early, so my eye has been feeling pretty good all day.

Its been a day of really just getting on with it. I walked the dog outside so I took the precaution of actually shutting and covering my eye given that it was feeling good – I didn’t want to ruin it. As I walked the dog through the woods the paths are pretty basic which made me realise how much using both eyes gives you the sense of depth and distance. I didn’t stumble but I was rather aware that I couldn’t see branches / uneven ground as easily as before. I also went out to a shop, but I bottled out from having the eye-patch or clear glasses on. I did feel rather self conscious at the till though when I was asking questions. No reaction from the staff though so just shows you have to get on with it!

Facial Paralysis Progress Photos

So I actually think that now my face is changing when it is in it’s neutral position – as in no expression. Whether this is a result of the exercises to ensure that the muscles don’t tighten up to much I don’t know. However its a little discouraging as you kind of expect to get better, not ‘you will look worse during the course of recovery’. As it is my neutral face that is seeming to get lopsided now it means that I am more self conscious that it will be harder to hide that there is something wrong when I am out and about.

Anyway see the photos for yourself below, and sorry about the quality I didn’t do a good job on the lighting today!


Bells Palsy Day 10 Neutral Face
I seem to be going slightly unbalanced on the neutral face now
I am trying to not pull my mouth too much to the good side so going for a smaller smile!
Shutting both my eyes would be wonderful, I really hope this function comes back soon!
Thanks for the positive feedback from Ian about how great I look doing this! Mr Sarcastic!
My look of disapproval has yet to return


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