Day 1 – Its Bell’s Palsy, not a Stroke

Day 1 – Its Bell’s Palsy, not a Stroke

What a relief as the night before they were saying in A&E that it was most likely a small stroke caused by a blood clot. Even though the initial CT scan didn’t show a clot that was their diagnosis, but then it was New Year’s Even and they had a lot on their plate. Once they made sure I wasn’t going to get any worse I don’t blame them for putting their attention elsewhere.


Initial Facial Paralysis

There was significant facial paralysis at this time but I didn’t have any change in taste and my face seemed fairly mobile. The pain from the viral infection was being dealt with by the huge amounts of pain killers they were giving me, but it was still there, but much less intense.

You can see that I could pretty much shut both eyes at this stage and I had some movement in the forehead muscles.
You can see the difference in the sides of the face, particularly around the side of the eyes. Its also a face that says “Hey what happened to my New Year’s Eve party fun?” Seeing in 2013 inside a CT scanner is not something I am likely to forget though!


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