Day 15 – Progress Video

Day 15 Update – Short Video of Progress

The movement in my right eye lid is now very noticeable, so I thought I would share it via a quick video. There isn’t much progress elsewhere but the thought of being able to shut my properly again is positive enough. I have been doing the bell’s palsy exercises four times a day as I want the progress of healing to accelerate. In the meantime here is the video via YouTube.

Progress Photos – Day 15

Not as good as video but I want to keep up the recording of progress, even when there isn’t much, for my own benefit.

Neutral face on Day 15
Its still very much a half smile still!
bells palsy pictures day 15 eyes shut
You can actually see the progress here as the top lid is almost completely down to its ‘normal’ position
bells palsy pictures day 15 blow kiss
Trying to blow a kiss on Day 15
bells palsy  Day 15 frown
The frown is perhaps also changing more movement in the eye brow but it is difficult to see whether this is just pull across from the other side of the face.

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