Day 134 – Specialist Consultation

Specialist Bells Palsy Treatment Consultation

Yesterday I was lucky enough to have an appointment at one of the five specialist facial palsy centres in the UK. The knowledge is at the next level and I feel better about my progress – but it did also bring up some negatives that I wasn’t aware of.

Stop the Trophic Electrical Stimulation

First thing as its probably the most important is that I was told to stop the Trophic Electrical Stimulation immediately! This is because I am recovering nerve function / mobility in the affected side and (contrary to what I was told before) the stimulator is NOT designed to stimulate nerve function. The treatment provided by the stimulator is designed to prevent the muscles from atrophying by triggering their contraction artificially. There is a danger if you continue using the Trophic Electrical Stimulation when your nerve function is returning that you will get synkinesis.

Assessment of Bells Palsy Recovery

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